Gun Control, Peace, Cops, Militaries, and the False Dichotomy of the Two-Party System

Gun control is a touchy subject often because people against guns will bring up the tragedies committed with guns while the people for guns feel their guns are their possessions that protect their lives and communities. But this article isn’t about being for guns or against them, just as this isn’t about being for the Republican or Democratic Congress. I mentioned on my article about Sandy Hook that guns are just tools and it doesn’t make sense to get mad at them. It’s like blaming drugs for drug abuse instead of the complex underlying socioeconomic problems that lead to drug abuse.

Guns have the capacity to save lives and take them away. The problem is too many of the wrong people have guns right now. Terrorists, oppressive militaries, and corrupt police departments just about the world over all have two things in common: they’re armed to the teeth and they all kill more people than any other groups on Earth. This must stop.

It’s important to be clear about what “gun control” means because some people have some very different definitions.  Gun control for many means reasonable means to prevent violent criminals from accessing guns. Gun control for some others, however, means taking away guns from common people. This is incredibly dangerous due to the fact that so many of the wrong people own and are trusted with guns right now. Gun control doesn’t have to involve the government and it shouldn’t when the people who need to be disarmed most are cops and soldiers in militaries.

If you are an evolved and generally nonviolent person, you might want to consider gun ownership, because people like you also rightly don’t want to live in a world filled with death and they also don’t own guns, for the most part, which means the nonviolent people of Earth are literally outgunned. In the ideal scenario, we would all lay down our arms and live in peace, but we’re not there yet. By the time you finish reading this sentence somewhere in the world someone will still pull a trigger and put a bullet into an innocent person. I hate this is the case, but this message won’t reach them. Part of the way we will get to a peaceful Earth is by ensuring the only people allowed access to arms are responsible individuals who don’t want to use guns, but will in the worst case scenario when there is an armed threat who intends on killing someone innocent and all methods of deterrence have failed. That’s the only time it’s appropriate to shoot someone. Tell this to pigs in America who pop caps off like they’re going out of style. Too many have no discipline. Too many are trigger-happy and reactive. They think with their guts, instead of their minds or hearts. They are the least likely to help or understand complex social issues, which they are involved in every day.

Crime takes a nuanced approach. You can’t just shoot at it to make it go away, just as you can’t bomb your problems away, but when will they get this? There are real threats out there, and owning a gun in itself is not in any way contrary to the principles of nonviolence, unless it is used inappropriately. I can’t help but feel like if this isn’t ensured, only violent, armed brutes will be left on Earth dying along with us. Responsible gun control to me means taking guns away from anyone willing do an innocent person harm, and this means taking guns away from many corrupt cops, militaries, and other violent, oppressive groups.

This isn’t a “red” or “blue” issue. It affects us all. There are many good people with guns right now who only intend to use them to prevent another death when there is no other alternative, but there are also millions of violent bigots with guns. We have to keep the balance somehow. Yes, education and deterrence are better, but if there is a gun already pointed at our collective heads, even the most principled, nonviolent people will be grateful when another armed person intervenes and saves us. Owing a gun is a responsibility that ought to be taken seriously. So I guess the simplest way to convey what I’m trying to say is gear up peace loving hippes. You might be glad you did.

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