Hands Up, Hands Out! The Police State in America Or WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER CALL THE POLICE





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And all of this is why I will always never care about this:



We have a crisis in America. The world is not made up of “two types of people.” There are no criminals and there is no authority. There are only humans and unfeeling sacks of cells who call themselves human.

To me there seems to be a disturbing lack of knowledge about the police state in America. I want to be clear here. Although African Americans, women, and other minorities are disproportionately targeted, arrested, harassed, fined and killed by police this is not just a “minority” or a “female” problem. I hate that some people still think that white skin or male gender will get you a free pass with police. I am here to tell you that is just not true. That misconception is the only reason why cops don’t quit and some still have their faith in the system. I am a white man who grew up in a nice house. If you think I have never been targeted by police because of this, you are wrong.

I have been harassed, sexually assaulted, and beat up by a a group of roided’ up state police morons. If they want you, they get you, no matter what your skin color, age, gender, height, weight, background, or financial standing. When they make up their minds about you being a criminal, they act. They pick on the easiest targets because their job is to generate revenue for the state. It is not to protect and serve. They do not keep the peace. This is like a bad joke.

I have a cousin who works as a Federal prosecutor and despite all of the recent killer cops in the news, she still has her faith in the system. When I told her about Michael Brown, she made the same comments other simple white people in power who benefit from the status quo make. She tried to justify it. I contacted in an attempt to see if she could affect the verdict before it came out, but I realized she could do nothing. I use her as an example because I think personalizing this issue is the only way to get people to understand. This is not just a war on women or black people (though if you are a black woman it is like two strikes against you). Police brutality is a war against all of us, regardless of our skin color, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or anything else. Remember, there are female cops and black cops. Cops were never meant to protect and serve. They never did that. Cops in the 1950s dispersed crowds of Civil Rights protesters with dogs, hoses, and riot gear. What is the difference today? Only the technology has improved. Now, cops have improved riot gear, better guns, faster, bigger cars, but they lack fear because of this technology and they believe they can do anything and suffer no consequences. This just isn’t true. The reality is that if killer cops don’t start treating everyone equally and control themselves, people will revolt. They will start to get violent, including diehard pacifists.

If all police and feds went on strike tomorrow, they would be floored by the consequences. They would expect the world to fall apart, but it wouldn’t. It would improve. I am tired of being polite about cops, so I am just going to start calling cops what they are: pigs who feed off of public misery. In China corrupt cops brutally murdered an innocent woman and how did the people respond? They murdered the cops responsible in the street. That is the essence of street justice, the only real kind, and it will start coming to cops in America if they don’t keep themselves in check and there is no legal recourse for victims of police brutality. Cops always have this evil smile on their faces, especially when provoked. If you want to see the true face of evil in this country, look at blue-coders or anyone with “authority” who believes they are helping anyone. Everyday people keep the peace in the face of unbelievable brutality and inhumanity. That is why our world doesn’t fall apart.

I want to talk about a white victim of police brutality aside from me. Right before unarmed Dillon Taylor was murdered by a dumb trigger happy cop, Dillon put out his hands out and tried to grab his waistband. You can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1UjKqzVDCw. If you have seen the video already: what do you believe got him shot? Was it grabbing for his waistband or putting his hands out? The cop who shot him was just recently declared innocent in court. And if it happened in Court then you know it must be true! (This is sarcasm for clarity.) The cop argued that Dillon was “going for a gun” in his waistband, but in the video he is clearly not armed. This is one of the worst lies they tell. Cops who kill people always claim they were “just defending themselves” because of those terrible, terrible waistbands. (Maybe we should outlaw waistbands?)

The “Hands up, don’t shoot” mantra is extremely powerful to me, not just because of its origins, but because of what it symbolizes. It symbolizes the hard fact that even when you give up to police, they might still kill you. It all started with Micheal Brown who had his hands up when shot by the pig who killed him, Darren Wilson. I am tired of talking about this case and won’t anymore because it’s been so butchered by the MSM and political talking heads. The background of Michael Brown was never important. Political talking heads mention “But he stole cigarillos! He had a criminal record! He pushed that guy in Ferguson Market!” And I will always reply back, “So what?” Is that enough reason to kill him? Wilson shot him over 7 times and left him bleeding in the street for four and half hours.

Murder is not the“job” of police. Their job is supposed to be to “protect and serve.” Wilson’s main concern after killing Brown was cordoning off the area and covering up his mistake in order to avoid public outrage. He obviously used excessive force. He could have apprehended Brown using nonlethal force. That is why people are outraged. It was a brutal gangland style execution and it is not uncommon for police to carry these out and get away with it. No one ever said Brown was just an “innocent angel,” and Brown is far from the only victim.

I think having your “hands out” may be just as powerful as having your “hands up.” When you get patted down at airports by TSA or by cops, they usually tell you to put your hands out. It is almost a test of your submission to them because when you put your hands out, they get to touch you. You are essentially communicating “Here is my body. Do what you will with it.” What is the first thing you think of when you see someone put their hands out? I think of submission. I think of the Biblical Jesus Christ on the cross and the idea of wanting to be crucified.

While the “hands out” demand can be a test for submission, it can also look like a provocative gesture when followed, communicating “Come on” if your hands arc inwards just slightly. (One might argue Dillon did this right before being killed.) I think the difference is subtle, but the metaphor is deep. I wonder what went through that pig’s mind right before he shot unarmed Dillon. Why did he have his gun drawn immediately? Why was his mind made up about this guy before he even was able to talk with him? Was the pig really worried for his safety? When I watch that video, that is not what I see. He had his gun drawn when Dillon’s back was turned, and he couldn’t hear the cop because he was listening to music. What I guess went through his mind is something like this young man is “Asking for it. He wants to be crucified. That is what my gun is for.” After shooting Dillon this dumb pig actually handcuffed the bleeding and dying man. It seems like the pig was trying to assert his dominance over him than anything else. That is what they do after all. After they kill, they do damage control.

I don’t think cops are truly as easily scared or stupid as many believe. They are just serial killers with badges. I think they are greedy, reflexive, primitive “apes” who think their gun and power is somehow a measure of their “manhood.” They are fueled by testosterone, hate, insecurity, and unfair judgment. They are also pathological liars who will do anything to hold onto their power. When they kill people who did nothing wrong, they almost never apologize. That would be like admitting guilt, which could be used against them in court. Instead, they manage their image and what is said about them so that they and their department can avoid any legal damages. If they are allowed to do this, then they may get away with murder forever. At the very least, we should force them to apologize. If you take a life that did not deserve to be taken, the only way to absolve yourself of that terrible act is to apologize, admit your guilt, and turn yourself in.

I think the “blue code” among pigs exists because even when a so-called “good cop” recognizes that another pig made a big mistake, they don’t want to admit to it publicly for fear of losing their power. The pig in charge of the department will usually say something like “We are sorry about the loss. But [the victim] did ask for it. And no we’re not going to admit responsibility, wrongdoing, corruption, or stupidity for fear that it might undermine our power and get our toys taken away.” (Okay, that last part they don’t say, but it is what is suggested.) It seems like as long as you’ve got a badge to point to, you get license to say you were “in the right.” It always helps in court. White skin and gender can help too, but let’s be honest: black cops get away with murder, harassment, and rape too.

Pigs and Federal agents in America shouldn’t have guns. They are too reflexive to have them. They should have bicycles and pepper spray at the most. (I think most current LEOs in America should be fired because they are the most bloated departments in America.) The murder rate would drop incredibly as a result. Pigs in America act, but don’t think. When we talk about gun safety in America, the first thing that should be brought up is disarming the police, because cops and Federal agents may kill more people every year than any other gang or group. They have a monopoly on force, which is why they currently still have it. There are many more gun deaths in America than any other country, but what many fail to mention when they bring this up this statistic is that when cops kill someone by mistake or intentionally, they can always plant a weapon on that person or drugs, and say that person was a “criminal” or a “threat,” thereby “justifying” what they have done.

Let us please be honest. There is nothing honorable or brave about becoming a cop, a Fed, or a politician. You don’t “put your life on the line” for others. Becoming a cop is cowardly. You get a badge, a gun, a car, all kinds of stupid toys and a nice salary. You get to confiscate drugs (use them and sell them if you want), beat people up with impunity, and feel up women. You get to treat people like objects or property of the state. When I see morons with guns, I cringe. Nothing worries me more than cops and Feds with guns. I don’t worry about those who identify as “conservatives” with guns who think the 2nd Amendment is the best and only Amendment and proclaim to others that the only way they will get their guns is by ripping them away from their “cold dead hands.” In fact, I am grateful for these people. Those people usually won’t shoot you unless you step on their property. Cops, however, are allowed much greater freedom than ordinary people like us. So basically I don’t want to be reductive here, but if you’ve got a badge, authority or power, you no longer have “nothing” to fear. Fear me and the rest of America with common sense. You don’t kill ideas. You can only kill people. Even then, they live on.

Prison and mental institutions bring out the very worst people. With their behaviors, prison guards, “doctors” who work in psychiatric wards, cops, and Feds ask how bad can we make this person become? Whether they intend to or not, that is what they are doing. They look for the worst in people and that is what they bring out. They don’t reduce harm, they just provoke and inflict it. Useless pride will get you no love. You get what you give. I have no love for police. I have bitter hate for them and I always will. But why should they listen to me? It is because they will always be hated if they continue to act in the ways that they do without serious repercussions. If they want a war, they’ve got one.

I think way too much responsibility is given to politicians, cops, Feds and others in “authority.” We can’t expect them to do anything. They are not representing us. I recently received an email from Sheldon Whitehouse and I didn’t respond because I don’t think it would make any difference. I would treat an e-mail from Obama the same way. We don’t need them to “help” us. We especially can’t expect them to do something about gun violence. It is like a bad joke when they’re killing the most people with their own actions. The law against murder is almost laughable when our government kills more people than any other entity and faces no consequences. Obama makes a kill list with his other cowardly advisers and others go and take these orders, kill people and pat each other on the back. Racism didn’t die in America when Obama became President. He bolstered it and continues to do so by approving the militarization of cops and refusing to indict any killer cops.

Giving police guns with different colors other than black makes a lot of sense, as is done with some of the NYPD. Bright colored guns can be easily identified. There is no reason a cop should EVER need to conceal a weapon. Their job is not to sneak up on people and murder them. A weapon is easier to conceal when it is black.  If it was required by gun manufacturers that all guns produced be bright in color, there would be far less violence. If guns were made white and cops uniforms were also white, then they could be spotted from far away. The racial discrimination would also be more obvious because they would look like Klan members, as their actions reflect. The black uniform and black gun I think provoke racist cops. I think it makes them more trigger-happy when they have their crosshairs on a black individual.

Anyone can be profiled as a “criminal.” If you have tattoos, a criminal record, baggy clothes, a love for rap music, cannabis, dance, swagger, minorities, or you just fit a “description” that just came through on dispatch, all of this is reason enough for cops to try to justify harassing, fining or even murdering you. If they murder you, then (trust me on this) they will dig up all of this information on you in a vain attempt to hold onto their authority and make their actions look “justified.” This police state insanity is intimately tied to the drug war, because it is an excuse to harm people who use or sell drugs that cops don’t like. It seems like a cop can kill anyone these days and get away with it. It could an elderly grandmother with five children who can’t walk without a cane. If cops kill her by mistake, they will pull up all dirt on her physically possible and spin it in an attempt to “justify it.” They will argue “Well, she did go 50 mph in 40 mph road back in 1946, so clearly there was a criminal element. She also did like Tupac according to a friend from High school. She even hung around “thugs.” Cops are motivated by such stupid fear and preconceived notions, including black officers, and cops of all colors, races, and religions. I don’t want to hear any righteous outcry against police brutality derailed by the untrue narrative that this is just about one group of people because it is not.

Possibly two of the most disingenuous organizations that exist are Everytown for Gun Safety and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. If you want gun safety, then I suggest making a law to take them away from police. Washington thinktanks make so much money by trying to predict the evolution of the zeitgeist. But if they have a shred of humanity, (which is doubtful) they would quit and do something productive with their lives. If you want to be safe, don’t look at your government for help. Calling the police for help is possibly the stupidest thing you could ever do in your life. Do you want to possibly die, get put in prison, raped, or fined? Okay, then, don’t call police. Seriously, if someone was breaking into my house, it’s not the police I’m calling. I would fend for myself. But I am not ever expecting any help from these reflexive apes with badges. Showing you have muscle is not the same thing as having it, and muscle is not just physical muscle, but heart. These pigs must start using their cold dead hearts (I mean love muscles) before they are ripped out of their chests by the public.

Fed and cop “mentality” infects a lot of people. I think it is driven mostly by hate and fear. They want to destroy behaviors they don’t like without realizing they are the biggest offenders. They take the expression “It takes one to know one” a little too far. People have guns in America because they feel like they need them. If we are dealing with an oppressive, totalitarian government, then, of course, people feel the need to be armed with guns and knives. If the government was not so militarized, hateful, and immune to the laws that are supposed to apply to all of us, then there would be far less violence. A “war” can’t be waged against drugs or crime or really anything else, not when what it means to be criminal is defined by the police state and our oppressive government. Nothing can be outlawed with the expectation that the law will make it go away. Laws often just make the outlawed stronger. It forces what is illegal underground and makes it more dangerous by removing all regulation and oversight from it. If you don’t try to just destroy, positive growth will occur. This even applies to the crimes I hate the most like rape. Putting someone in prison for rape doesn’t really solve anything. Most rapists get raped in prison. Then, those behaviors of control fester.

Racism is so basic because if you put the whitest (literally and metaphorically) people in an area with high ultraviolet light, they will tan. That is how race evolved. Different geographical coordinates and their effect on the body created race, along with mating between different people in these coordinates. It is as simple as that. If you think you are so different from a person of color, then I would suggest going out and catching some sun rays and watch yourself get darker. Racism makes no sense. No one is better than anyone else because of their race, color, gender, or anything else. What makes you a good or bad human being is how you act. I don’t want to hear that police murders are just motivated by racism. Many cops just gun down other people just because they are stupid and easy to scare. They make assumptions about all people, and then feel “justified” to gun them down.

If we want to change the police state in America, we have to do so much more than have discussions about racism in police forces or racism in America. We have to make laws that take their toys away. We have to reduce their capacity to kill people and never trust or use them for anything. We have to make them powerless. There is no reason to ever call the police. They do not help. I have never been helped by a police officer in my life. When my house was broken into when I was a kid, the cops could do nothing. If you are weak, disabled, or elderly I would suggest arming yourself because if you call the police they might just kill you, put you in prison, or harm you in some other way. It is incredibly naive to expect help from the police. I have no respect whatsoever for pigs. They don’t pull you over on the road because they want to help you. They want to fine you, ticket you, harass you, intimidate you, shoot you, harm you or kill you. They don’t care about your safety and they never did.

The second amendment isn’t the main problem in America. What is problematic is thinking that is the only important Amendment. Murder is never justified, regardless of the circumstances. In the United Kingdom, police don’t have guns and the murder rate is almost nonexistent in comparison. This is not because the UK has more responsible people. When cops have guns, the people feel unsafe and they feel the need to have guns too. Outlawing personal gun ownership in America would do absolutely nothing to reduce violence, because many would still hold on to their guns and the illicit gun market would expand. Guns would go missing from police stations. Cops would report that they had no idea what happened to their guns when in reality they would just sell them to the highest bidders.

The problem in America isn’t guns, gangs, or “criminals.” It is unchecked greed, unregulated out-of-control police behavior, and the violence that comes with it. The “blue code” in America may be one of the most destructive things that exists. With that in place, pigs will always feel like they are on the right side. Cycles of violence continue because cops feel they are right to continue them. The only way to see peace is for cops and Feds in America to stop believing the enemy is other people. Other people have legitimate grievances. They just want these grievances addressed and to be treated as equals. I wonder what Dr. Martin Luther King would be saying right now if he was alive. Would he be calling for nonviolence? I believe racism is not dead in America. Common sense among pigs and Feds is dead though. I don’t know if it will ever be revived. If we stop looking at the law for recourse, then we may have a chance. We Americans will take the law into our own hands. “Street justice” will prevail if there is no other kind available.

If you still think police brutality is just about skin color, gender, or any other divider aside from false authority in America, please listen to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vURaeGH6v0c

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