Barack Obama, Race, Racism, Human Rights Abuses, and a Disingenous Platform

President Obama Makes A StatementAnyone is capable of being or acting racist, regardless of their own skin color. Obama is no exception. His skin color doesn’t automatically make him more “in tune” with people of color. But some people actually believe that. This guy needs to check his privilege. He lives in the White House, and he uses the race card so often it is reprehensible, but what has he done for people of color? He gives the American people of all colors lipservice but little else. His solution to unbelievable police violence, brutality, torture, sexual abuse, and corruption that disprotionately affects people of color has been to equip cops with body cameras. But this does nothing. Unarmed Dillon Taylor was shot and killed by a cop (Bron Cruz) with a body camera for no reason and he was let go by a “grand” jury. Cops can turn off their body cameras whenever they’d like. The same is true of dash cameras, which are useful, but not a cure-all.

If we want to stop police brutality, we need laws that take away police toys (fast cars, riot gear, and big guns) and this attitude like they are above the law. We need laws, prosecutors, and judges that hold killer cops accountable to the same laws as everyone else. I think grand juries should also be outlawed because they are unconsitutional and they operate in secret. The killer cops that were recently let off the hook likely would have been found guilty in open criminal trials. Obama must indict killer cops like Ferguson’s Darren Wilson and Salt Lake City’s, Bron Cruz. But he probably won’t because there is a double standard for those in authority. It is like a sick joke that there is even a law against murder when our government kills more people than anyone else. Cops and those in authority probably sexually abuse others more than any other group too. They are the worst offenders of the worst behaviors they claim to attempt to “eradicate.” They just bolster them with their own vicious behaviors.

Obama makes kill lists with his Wall St. executives he let into his cabinet every week. His victims die far away from drone strikes and his orders go to others who carry them out, so he doesn’t get his hands dirty. Not even the people controlling the drones know who dies or how many. This is not fighting terrorism. It is fueling it. He also insists on not indicting any of members of Bush cabinet responsible for torture. He has not closed Guantanamo Bay, despite numerous promises to do so. Prisoners there are still force fed when they go on hunger strike. They are still locked in cages intended for animals and held in stress positions, and a myriad of other human rights abuses there are ongoing. He has probably trampled on the Constitution more than any “Harvard Law” Professor in history. He also refuses to release the 1.7 million Americans held in prison for non-violent drug crimes. The prison population in America continues to grow and recently reached 2.4 million. Prisoners in America are like slaves. They are forced to work to profit the prison, the government, and large corporations that contract prisoners for their labor and sell their services, and the prison population consists of a disproportionately high percentage of minorities because of racist laws and police.

Obama essentially “owns” American prisoners, along with the wardens in charge of the prisons, so one could argue he manages more slaves than any other dictator on the planet. But he can apparently “do no wrong” in the eyes of some, because he has faced no consequences for his actions, just like the criminal Bush cabinet. That is what seperates “criminals” from those in power. Criminals get punished while the worst offenders in power almost never see jail. Even Obama’s “sucesses” are just crony capitalist garbage. The “Affordable Healthcare Act,” (AHA) for example, doesn’t guarantee healthcare, as I have mentioned. In fact, some people have lost their coverage due to the Act. The AHA only forces Americans to apply for “Obamacare” to ensure American health insurance monopolies continue making record profits. (The one positive provision of the act allows individuals to stay on their parents’ health insurance plan until they are 26, which Obama echoes over and over like it his crowning success. But the AHA was never a progressive piece of legislation as a whole.)

Obama is the poster boy for unchecked American hegemony, and he thinks all outcry against him is fueled by “racism.” That’s what he claims, but it really just maddens all of his opposition. Playing the race card is an unapologetic attempt to undermine all legitimate criticism, but some are starting to see through this façade. There are certainly people who don’t like him because he’s black. There may always be some racists, unfortunately, but most people don’t like him because he doesn’t show he cares about people of color or anyone really. He seems to only care about his cult of personality and what is said about him, which makes him a textbook dictator. His show of “bipartisanship” is phony. The “fight” between him and Congress is phony. He bows down to extremist republicans people in Congress, but he is the President. He is making kill lists, so how does anyone believe him when he says John Boehner is the source of all of his problems? I hate Boehner just as much, don’t get me wrong, but I think him and Obama are on the same team. They are both in power, and they both want to stay in power, regardless of the human and ecological consquences. The policies they push for aren’t extremly different. They just speak about different goals. Obama is a coward. He helps financial rulers destroy the world, yet apparently he can’t stand up to a few people in Congress who claim to disagree with him. He doesn’t fight his own battles. He arguably doesn’t fight for anything, except his image. His “bipartianship” could tear this country apart even further. He must stand for something or stand for nothing. Extremists in Congress can’t shut down Congress. The idea is absurd when Obama has so much unchecked power. Members of Congress can hold up the process, but Obama could feasibly put the same kind of pressure on members of Congress he does with everyone else. In fact, he could probably legally detain Congress he doesn’t agree with and indict them for terrorism. Who would stop him?

Fiscal conservatives treat Obama like he’s their “black friend.” But these people probably don’t even regularly see black people in their gentrified neighoborhoods, let alone befriend them. It seems to me being black in America will most likely result in unfair police treatment, unless you are rich, powerful, or very famous. But to get to that position, you have to accept and play the game set up and run by the global financial rulers. That is what Obama has done and is doing. (I highly doubt he is at all worried about being a victim of police brutality. Any cop who tried to harm him would probably get the Secret Service at their door.) He is not working for us like all US Presidents. He is working for corporate America and the status quo. This country was founded on land that was never ours, funded by slave labor, and the sick desire to conquer and capture. That ideology never changed.

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