A Theory of Everything, the Beginning of Life, and Universal Equilibrium




This post is a departure from the usual subjects I write about, but politics and world events can be hard to read about alone because so little seems to change for the better, so I thought I would break the routine and write a different post about another subject that I have always been passionate about. I have a somewhat decent understanding of physics and evolution, but I am far from an expert on them. (My math isn’t good enough to be an expert, and this theory doesn’t involve the math needed for a full  unified field theory, but I think the correct theory of everything may be expressed in one single equation at some point.) The second book I wrote prior to writing Tools of Control is on the history of the universe and the development of life and humans. It covers a good deal of ground in it, including the development of physical laws after the Big Bang, galaxy formation, matter, language, race, tool use, early religious behaviors, and more. I didn’t have special knowledge on these topics when I started the book, but I knew I had a thread to tie them all together and I learned and researched more and more as I wrote.

I started writing Tools of Control when I realized I needed to narrow my focus because there were and still are so many ongoing human rights and environmental abuses due to financial rulers and man-made institutions with incredibly concentrated power and influence, and I felt my focus on all of history and physics was too broad, theoretical, and not relatable enough. But I came back to this work recently because I still enjoy reading and learning about physical laws and our early history, and I have been thinking about what a working Theory of Everything might look like. Doing this led me to forming another theory about why life began that I had never thought of before. This blog will always be more about socioeconomic and environmental issues than physics or cosmology for the same reasons I switched my focus years ago, but I think our roots are important and they can tell us a great deal about our current situation, so here is the theory.

Einstein saw a dichotomy between the fundamental force of gravity and the fundamental forces that affect particles (the electromagnetic force, the weak interaction, and the strong nuclear force) because gravity is more apparent on a large scale while these other forces are more apparent on a particle level. But I don’t think these forces are at odds. I think they look at odds because the forces that control particles on a small scale are stronger on a particle level while gravity is stronger when particles coalesce into large masses. This may not be because they are separate necessarily.  I think it is possible gravitational fields are instead created by mass. When there is no mass around, gravity is far less apparent as in the empty spaces between distant galaxies. Gravity’s strength only becomes great with great mass. I think gravity may be a waveform (as opposed to a particle) and that there is wave particle duality. Particles exist on waveforms and affect waveforms. (Matter can absorb massless energy like light and large masses can also change the direction of light with their gravitational pull that affects the curvature of space-time.)

I think a full Theory of Everything may come from superstring theory or some kind of quantum theory of the fundamental force of gravity. Massless particles or electromagnetic radiation as we know exist in various forms (gamma rays, x-rays, visible light, ultraviolet, infrared, and radio waves) depending on their frequency. All radiation travels in waveforms. Local plasma frequency of ionized interstellar medium is one 1 kHz or very low. When energy is condensed, the frequency is much higher. When mass condenses in large amounts, gravity overtakes quantum forces. As we know, matter exists in four states: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma and the strength of local gravity largely determines what state matter is in. Is it possible gravity is created by mass and the combination of the particle forces?

The physical laws that govern the universe took an extremely short time to develop and become permanent. The forces did not remain equal as particles coalesced and space expanded. It is possible the universe was once a singularity because all energy pulled in all of space, along with the physical laws we are familiar with? As they changed, the universe expanded and the universe eventually became matter dominant and the strength of gravity increased.

No one has scientific evidence to show there was a designer of the universe, but one could argue the fact that the physical laws became unchanging so quickly is evidence it was designed and that life was the objective of the design. Life is often discussed as if the chances of it evolving are incredibly slim. But I’m not sure this is the case. The circumstances that created life some 3.5 billion years ago seem profound for most of us, but it is plausible they have existed and perhaps still exist on other planets.

Several conditions have to exist for there to be life: water, heat, and electromagnetic radiation. Is it possible life is simply an expression of energy on water and carbon wherein there is a drive towards an equilibrium state, which drives evolution? The primordial conditions that existed on Earth before life I don’t believe are incredibly rare. We have already found planets on which we know the conditions exist for water to remain a liquid and maintain a livable atmosphere. We don’t know if there is water on these planets, but because the universe contains so many planets, it is certainly possible at least. I think it is more likely that there is life on at least some other planets than none at all. Life may have begun because of the universe’s tendency (due to physical laws) to create equilibrium states. Fatty acid chains eventually vibrated their way into larger chains. DNA developed from simpler RNA, and sexual reproduction and the creation of gender was a similar evolution in that it allowed for greater genetic diversity, complexity, and equilibrium.

I think physics in essence is responsible for the existence of life. There is a trend towards stable systems like stars and solar systems due the laws of nature. (Life is arguably less stable than these since most lifeforms don’t live as long, but there are forms of life that live for thousands of years, and some forms of life like us are self-aware, unlike normal matter, which can’t make decisions about its fate.) Matter is common, and it seems possible that life is common too due to the same physical laws.

I believe we could extend the human life immensely just by living more consciously and trying to reach an equilibrium state. But we are impeded by monopolies (massive corporations, crony capitalist governments, corporate media, and religious institutions) on Earth that work against natural harmony, symmetry and equilibrium. It is time we returned to our natural state. I am not suggesting that we rid ourselves of technology, but certain kinds are useless to us like war machines. Conquering and killing have been perfected and mastered by numerous people throughout our history but these are not almost never productive. Cycles of violence come inevitably, especially when there is a monopoly on force owned by police, federal agents, private security contractors, and so on. I don’t know if we will have peace on Earth, but I think if we examine the reasons why peace makes sense (like how we are all connected and have the same origins) is the first step towards it.

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