Food For All Garden Spring Update

This is my 100th post on this blog. I thought I would publish some pictures of the garden so far for this post. Some of the spinach and broccoli I planted last summer managed to survive all winter in my unheated greenhouses, even under feet of snow. Now, they’re both bolting and hard to manage, but hopefully I will still get some broccoli and spinach from them by the end of the summer. The broccoli developed some interesting colors over the winter. This a picture of them from April 14:

April 14 HH2 May 10th:

HH2 May 10

May 15th:

Bolting brocolli 5-15

Broccoli starts:

Broccoli flats

This is the third hoop house on May 3 when the snow peas in the center row were just starting to emerge: May 3rd HH3

May 10th

: May 10 HH3

May 15th:

5-15 HH3

In the greenhouse, I planted snowpeas inside all the walls. In the beds I planted beats, broccoli, dragon toungue mustard and another crop I am not sure the name of. This was taken on May 10th:May 10th GH

May 15th:

GH 5-15

I also made a new simple, structure for intensively planted snowpea beds. I thought this structure with 3 layers of trellis parallel to the ground might be more efficient than the vertical trellis:Hotel

I also planted some strawberries and blueberries this year:


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