Sanders is no Socialist

“Judge a man by his questions, rather than his answers.”  ~Voltaire 

Bernie Sanders Isn’t Socialist Enough for Many Socialists

bernieseattle“He isn’t an anti-capitalist! He is for reforming capitalism, not changing capitalism. He is really a lot closer in ideology to Hillary Clinton than he is to me,” said Stephen Durham, the 2012 presidential nominee of the Freedom Socialist Party. “His is the politics of a lesser evil among some very bad choices.”

“He is a progressive on the home front, but he is pretty reactionary when it comes to foreign policy,” says Gloria La Riva, the 2016 presidential nominee for the Party of Socialism and Liberation. “He supported the Israeli war against Gaza. He supports the drone bombing campaigns in other countries, which is a war crime.”

paine…Should Sanders win the presidency, she added, he would, like the other major party candidates “become the CEO of the capitalist system of…

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