Book Index

This is the book index. I’m going to post a few more sections and then hopefully publish the whole book on Amazon soon. Feel free to comment, follow or contact me if you’d like. And if you’d like me to post a specific section that interests you, just ask.


Part 1: What Controls Us 

Part 2: A Brief History of Money, Government, Religion, and Science and Why they Became Necessary 

  • The Early Beginnings of Money and Government
  • The Development of Religious Behavior and Thought
  • Organized Religion
  • The Birth and Development of Science and Religion’s Effect on its Progress
  • Science after the Middle Ages
  • Religion’s Effect on Recent History in the Presence of Scientific Knowledge
  • Scientific Knowledge and its Effect on the Spread of Power
  • Colonialism in Antiquity and the Road to Modern Imperialism

Part 3: The Birth of Corporations and Growing Economic Inequality  

  • The Rise of Corporate Executives and Bankers in America
  • The Corporate Takeover and the Destruction of the Middle Class in America
  • Global Warming
  • The Richest of the Rich
  • The Poorest of the Poor

Part 4: The Birth of Media, Telecommunication, Advertising and their Effect on Identity

  • Propaganda
  • Selective Coverage
  • Censorship

Part 5: The Drug War and Incarceration: Two More Means of Social and Economic Control

  • The Real Reason for the Selective Criminalization of Drugs
  • Analyzing the Current Illicit Global Drug market
  • Analyzing the Licit Opium Market and Understanding the Most Abused Substance on Earth
  • The History of the Criminalization of Cannabis in the United States
  • Legalizing Drugs in the Correct Way
  • The Profits of Imprisonment
  • The Social Consequences of Prisons and How We Can Change Them
  • The Mental Health Industry
  • Crime, Punishment and Police Corruption
  • Lager Wars

Part 6: Global Wars for Capitalism and Corporations, and the Fight against “Communism”

  • The Rise of Lenin and the Soviet Union and their Supposed Support of Communism
  • The Korean and Vietnam War
  • The CIA and its Devotion to Corporations
  • Oil  Wars
  • The Iran Contra Affair
  • The Persian Gulf War, the Following War in Afghanistan and the Iraq War
  • Governments, War and Murder
  • The Privatization of War

Part 7: Drawing Conclusions

  • The Fundamental  Problem and the Need to Rethink Morality
  • What Needs to Be Done
  • What We Can Do

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