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My book is free and available in five different languages so far. I plan to translate it into many more languages. Note the following links were translated from older versions of the book. Once the final edit in English is complete, I will retranslate it:

Tools of Control in Portuguese

Tools of Control in French

Tools of Control in Zulu

Tools of Control in Afrikaans

Tools of Control in Spanish

Thanks for reading.

As the latest version of the book is too long to publish in one post, I am publishing excerpts individually and cataloging them here. Some excerpts were posted together, so links to multiple sections may be the same. All you need to do after you click the link is scroll down to the section you were looking for. All five subchapters of part one, for example, were published in one post. (This is not the full index.)


A Short Note to the Reader about the Origins of this book…………………………(3-6)

Part One: Introduction

Part Two: A Brief History of Money, Government, Religion, and Science and Why They Evolved

Part Three: The Birth of Modern Corporations, Banks, Growing Economic Inequality, and Their Effects on the Natural World

Part Four: The Evolution of Electronic, Corporate Media, Advertising, Propaganda, and Their Effects on Humanity

Part Five: The Selective Drug War, Incarceration, and Involuntary Hospitalization: Three More Means of Social and Economic Control

Part Six: Global Wars for Capitalism and Corporations, and the Fight against “Communism”

(The rest of the book is still being edited)

News Articles and Other Content: 

The Scientific Method Vs. Magical Thinking in a Culture that Glorifies Ignorance – 12/30/22

Human Pollution Doesn’t Just Destroy Our Environment; It’s Slowly Killing Us –  10/16/22

The Supreme Court Reverses Years of Human Rights Reforms and Environmental Protections with Plans for More – 07/04/22

Industrial Civilization Isn’t Civil; It’s Savage – 12/13/21

How Israel Gets Away With Genocide by Equating Palestinian Activism with Antisemitism – 05/31/21

The Global Rise of Far-Right Reaction, its Causes, and Resistance – 12/18/20

Combative Direct Actions Against Police Brutality Are Working Despite Violent Police and National Guard Crackdown – 6/11/20

The Trump Administration is Exploiting Coronavirus Fears to Create a Police State, Permit Ecocide, and Bail Out the Rich 5/1/20

Reconciliation is Dead: A Strategic Proposal — Warrior Publications – 2/19/20

Millions of Acres of Forest Have Been Clean Cut and Burned in the Amazon This Year For Timber, Mining, and Cattle Ranches But Indigenous Groups Are Fighting Back – 11/27/19

‘It’s Mutilation’: The Police in Chile Are Blinding Protesters (Video)– 11/27/19

A 19-Year-Old Was Raped by NYPD Detectives, They Claim it Was “Consensual,” and Now They’re Calling Her the Criminal – 1/21/19

Brazil’s New President Vows to Rip Up Amazonian Indigenous Reserves, Give “Carte Blanche for the Police to Kill,” Rule as a Dictator, and Make Minorities Bow to the Majorites 12/18/18

Trump Commits War Crimes and Ecocide and the Corporate Media and Average Americans Can’t Stop Prattling about his Alleged “Russian Ties” – 11/18/17

The Scam of Billion Dollar “Lending” and Debt Slavery Disguised As “Humanitarian Aid” and “Development” by International Financial Institutions – 6/30/17

Strict, Dogmatic Nonviolence Versus a Diversity of Tactics – 4/30/17

We Don’t Need Jobs or Money; We Need a Habitable Planet – 4/22/17

The Governments of the US, UK, and Saudi Arabia Intentionally Target Schools Hospitals, and other Civilian Infrastructure in Yemen, Spreading Terror for Oil Money and Saudi and Israeli Hegemony – 4/14/17

The CIA, Its Devotion to American Corporations, Profit, State Capitalism, and Crushing Socialism: From Operation PBFORTUNE, to Operation Ajax, to Operation Condor, to the Bay of Pigs – 4/4/17

The Civil Rights Movement, State Collusion with the Klan, the Futility of Nonviolent Protest Alone, A Brief History of Gun Control, the Racism of Both Political Parties, and the Necessity of Armed Resistance – 3/3/17

Will Prayers and Ceremonies Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline – 2/21/17

White Supremacist Man-Child to Become the Next US President – 1/25/17

Why the Troops and Police  Departments Are Cults 12/31/16

The Fundamental and Oft Overlooked Difference Between State Socialism (Communism) and Libertarian Socialism – 12/13/16

President Obama’s Legacy: Endless Wars for Crony Capitalism, Environmental Destruction, 2 Million Deportations, and a Growing Police State – 12/3/16

The Dakota Access Pipeline: A Fight For Native American Survival, Autonomy, and a Habitable Planet – 10/31/16

Developing: 100 + Militarized Police Raiding #NoDAPL Resistance Camp Blocking Pipeline’s Path (Via 10/30/16

‘Historical Trauma’ Brought Native Americans to Standing Rock: Abby Martin Talks with Native American activist Dennis Banks (via Telesur) – 10/30/16

Forest Service Official Who Let Nestle Drain California Water Without Permit Since 1988 Now Works For Them (via 10/23/16

In 2014 Police Killed Nearly Twice As Many Americans Than Mass Shooters Since 1982 Combined – (via the 10/22/16

Ethnic Cleansing of Africans in Israel – (via  10/22/16

Documentary on Israeli Military and Settlers’ Torture of Palestinian Children (via ABC Australia) 10/22/16

Ex-CIA Contractor Confirms: Police Departments Use Tests to Ensure Applicants Lack Logic and Compassion (Article from 10/22/16

Six Holocaust Survivors Who Fight Against Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians – (Article from 10/22/16

Terrorism Portrayed as Freedom Fighting, Freedom Fighting Portrayed as Terrorism, and the Futility of Nonviolent Protest – 8/29/16

Ethnic Cleansing in South Sudan, Colonial Roots, and Western Media Silence – 07/19/16

End:Civ: A Documentary by – 05/04/16

Clinton, Trump, and the Lesser of Two Evils – 05/02/16

Why is the World’s Deadliest Terrorist Group Being Ignored by the Mainstream Media? – 02/10/16

Kinder Morgan Ceases Drilling After 7 Brave Protestors Occupy Kinder Morgan’s Test Drilling Bare on Native Lands in Burnaby BC – 02/06/16

How We Can Start a Revolution -01/03/16

How Glyphosate Can Replace Glycine in Our Bodies and Slowly Kill Us -(Tony Mitra interview of Anthony Samsel) 12/28/15

Israeli Politician, Ayelet Shaked, Calls for the Genocide of Palestinians – (Article from Electronic Intifada) 12/28/15

Nestle, Mars, and Hershey Use Slave Labor to Make Their Chocolate (Article from 12/28/15

The Counted: Interactive US Database of Police Killings with Pictures of Victims (Article from the Guardian)- 12/28/15

Public Services in Anarchist Communities and the Problem of Big Cities – 12/20/15

Fatal Encounters with Police Since 2000: Bringing Faces and Stories to the Numbers – (Via 12/15/15

Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging (Documentary from the Citizens Commision on Human Rights) 12/15/15

Killer Drone News Blackout Continues as Mainstream Media Ignores Air Force Whistleblowers – (Article from 12/15/15

“Anarcho-capitalism,” “Free Markets,” Jumbo Shrimp, and Other Oxymorons – 12/14/15

Drone Papers: The Assassination Complex (Article from the Intercept)- 12/14/15

Spanish Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Netanyahu and Other Senior Israeli Officials – (article from 12/14/15

Auschwitz Survivor: I Can Identify with Palestinian Youth (article from Electronic Intifada)- 12/14/15

Every Nation Backing the War Including the US Must Answer for the Bombings of MSF Hospitals (article from 12/5/15

The TPP, TTIP, TiSA, CETA, NAFTA, and other “Free Trade” Disasters” – 11/10/15

Send in the White Helmets (Article from 10/17/15

Demand Justice for Doctors Without Borders for the Bombing of Kunduz Hospital (Petition) – 10/17/15

Israeli Protestors Hold Large Anti-Netanyahu Protest (Article from 10/17/15

IDF has injured or killed 1000 Palestinians Within the Past Month (Article from – 10/17/15

Israel, the Media, and the Anatomy of a Sick Society – (Article from 10/17/15

Food For All Nonprofit Farm Fall Update – 9/21/15

Drought Bill Threatens to Drown Sacred Sites of a North Californian Tribe (Article from 9/7/15

Ban Nestle Corporation From Bottling California’s Remaining Water (Petition) – 9/7/15

EU: Stop the Drownings of Refugees – (Petition) 9/7/15

This is How It Ends: A Petition to End the Financial Support of the Slaughter of the Palestinians (Petition)- 9/7/15

7000 Died at the Hands of the Nigerian Military – Demand Justice – (Petition) 9/7/15

Cracks Are Appearing in Israel’s Wall of Impunity at the Hague (Article from 8/27/15

New Book Cover for Tools of Control – 6/28/15

Food For All Farm – Summer Update – 6/25/15

The History of the Universe, Earth, and Life – 6/17/15

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (Video by Larken Rose) – 6/15/15

Corruption in Ukraine, Resistance, Revolt, and the Russian Invasio– 2/03/15

The Cult of Police and the Dangers Faced by the Few Who Take a Stand – 01/13/2015

NY Crime Rate Plummets as Police Ordered to Arrest Only When “Absolutely Necessary” – (Article from the DailyKos) 01/06/15

The Sickness of Political and Corporate Exploitation of Genders, Sex, and Relationships – 12/26/2014

Ferguson Police Acquitted of Murdering Unarmed Black Teen Michael Brown  – 11/28/14

Daily Reminders – 10/18/2014

CIA Cites Israeli Court Ruling to “Justify” Torture Program – (Article from Electronic Intifada) 10/10/2014

Why We Should Never Give Up – 10/05/2014

Cop Watch Labeled “Domestic Terrorists” –  (Article from Truthout) 10/05/2014

Healthcare, Health Insurance Companies, Antitrust Laws, and Obamacare – 9/20/2014

Developing A Pre-retrofit Energy Consumption Metric to Model Post Retrofit Energy Savings Phase One of a Three Phase Research Initiative by Kate Ryan Goldstein – 8/14/2014

Ebola Quarantine Efforts in West Africa (Article from Aljazeera)- 8/07/2014

 A Short History of Israel, Palestine, Surrounding Territories and an Endless Cycle of Wars – 7/31/2014

Major cities in Iraq and Syria conquered by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – 7/26/2014

Death Toll in Gaza from this Month’s Israeli Strikes Reaches Over 1000 7/22/2014

My sister Dies at 28 – 7/13/2014

Legal Challenge to Force Feeding Brought by Guantamee prisoner – (article from Truthout) 3/18/2014

Water Insecurity and the Paths to Global Water Security -12/19/2013

The “Government Shutdown” 10/10/2013

PCHR Weekly Report: 7 Palestinian civilians wounded; 40 civilians abducted, including 17 children (Article from – 9/13/2013

Gender Differences, Sexuality, Constraints, and What Gets in the Way of Equality  –9/14/2012

The Arab Spring: Lasting Victories vs. Co-optation and Recuperation of the Movement – 09/09/2013

Appeals Court Regrants the Obama Administration Powers to Indefinitely Detain Anyone Accused of Terrorism – 7/20/2013

Nations with Serious Health Risks – 06/06/2012

The Occupy Movements and the Richest 0.01% – 10/05/2012

The First Presidential Debate and a Look into Romney’s Past – 10/12/2012

The Final Presidential Debate – 10/27/2012

How Grand Juries and the Material Support Statute Enable Courts to Punish Innocent Activists and Acquit Killer Cops – 12/08/2012

Study Shows Americans are Far More Likely to Be Killed by Police than by Terrorists – 12/12/2012

Sandy Hook, Gun Laws, and Gun Violence – 12/21/2012

14 Million People Facing Death In East Africa Due to Famine and Military Oppression– 11/10/2011

Warren Wilson Garden Pictures:

September 3rd 2013

October 22nd 2013

December 7th 2013

April 21st 2014


Movie review of Titicut Follies, a documentary about mental institutions

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