Ban Nestlé Corporation from bottling California’s remaining water

Via: “I live in California, where a terrible drought is stretching into its fourth year, and conditions are getting worse. Farms lie empty and dry, and entire towns have run out of water. Some Californians are even being asked to only shower every few days and “not flush for everything.”

Meanwhile, the bottled-water company Nestlé is taking hundreds of millions of gallons of California’s water, and they either sell it back to Californians for more than ten-thousand times as much as they pay for it, or ship it out of the state.

In Sacramento, for instance, Nestle pays just $186 dollars for a quarter-million gallons of water, and then they then turn around and sell it for $2.1 million. That’s a markup of more than a million percent on water being taken from one of the most drought-stricken regions of the state.

We Californians are doing everything we can to save water. This Swiss company shouldn’t be coming in and profiteering. Tell the California government that Nestlé should not be raking in profits by bottling California’s last remaining water.

After four years of crippling drought, NASA scientists say that California has only one year of water left. How does NASA know? Because California is so dry that the state actually weighs less than it used to, and NASA can sense the reduction in the Earth’s gravity from space.

Join me in calling on Governor Jerry Brown and the California Water Resources Control Board to immediately ban Nestlé’s bottling operations in California.”

To sign go here:

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