Food For All Garden Fall Update

By July the snowpeas were growing out of the roof of the greenhouse through the screen on top:IMG_20150702_180001695



I let some snow peas dry on the vine so that I could collect them and then sow them again. Here are the dried ones I collected, along with mustard seeds, broccoli seeds, and some morning glory seeds I grew and collected this season:


After collecting the dried peas and removing the dead plants, I replanted them. These peas grow so fast that if you start early in the Spring you can plant several successions before the winter.

More peas in the greenhouse, along with some broccoli and a Japanese yam:



New bed with Pinkeye Purple Hull bush beans.


Harvested Pinkeye Purple Hull beans:


Beans and rainbow chard:

IMG_20150817_183255310 (1)

More beans with mustard greens and some pak choi:


I also planted okra for the first time this year. I donated most of this food, but the okra I wanted to keep and fry for myself:

IMG_20150920_173337347 (2)

More broccoli (planted too close together!)

IMG_20150823_173355320 (1)


Morning glory about to bloom:


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