Daily Reminders

Below this paragraph is a list of reminders I thought might be helpful for people working on self-care. This is an atypical post for me because it is less political and more personal than most of the others, but I think self-care is incredibly important as you can’t help anyone unless you help yourself. Developing ourselves can be just as important to the long-term struggle for worldwide equality and welfare. We each make up one piece of humanity, after all. We can’t change the world, unless we try to improve ourselves every day and be the best people we can be. I think having balance and developing ourselves makes us better equipped to seek out and rectify injustice in the world. There are or have been injustices in most of our lives, but I think we have to weigh them against the injustices and needs for all and look at the experiences we share. The origins of human pain are often the same, and I think the only way to heal is by working together. Our actions have ripple effects, sometimes larger than we know.

Listen to your own advice and internalize it. This may take some time.

Give love generously without expectation to those who deserve it.

Keep an open mind and talk to everyone you can.

Value the right parts of you, the parts you are proud of with good reason. Be your own best advocate.

Value those you’re closest to as much as you value you yourself. Don’t assume they know what’s going on with you if you don’t tell them.

Never regret because you can’t change the past. Take responsibility your for actions and apologize when you need to. Try to rectify your mistakes but never dwell on the past. Take control of your future to avoid repeating mistakes.

Don’t set an impossible standard for yourself.

Don’t treat your life like it doesn’t mean anything to anyone.

Show, don’t tell.

Ask good questions. Be engaged. “Be yourself.” Put yourself out there. Get outside of your comfort zone, but take good risks. Not trying is the only way to fail.

Don’t assume that correlation necessarily implies causation. Events have complex origins. Use the scientific method when in doubt.

Live in the moment.

Embrace emotion, but deal with it rationally. Don’t push it away and trivialize it, because it may just intensify the least enjoyable emotions.

Defeatism and victim mentality don’t get you anywhere.

Don’t be hard on yourself when you don’t deserve it.

Don’t let any one person have complete control over your emotions.

You know who you are. You know right from wrong. As Bill Hicks said “You’re right!”

Put your beliefs into action.

Collaborate and stay connected with purpose. Show compassion and understanding.

Stay humble. Don’t mumble. Use your words carefully. Brevity speaks volumes.

Take times to relax and enjoy. Be grateful for these times.

Remember to do what brings inner balance. Write down what these are for you. Some examples may be: exercise, getting sun, gardening, eating organic, good sleep, but not too much; staying hydrated; not drinking too much alcohol, not using the computer (or any electronic device) too much, having good posture, and breathing mindfully.

Be mindful of your body and every part of it.

Improving the world and yourself takes time. No one is perfect.

You are the only person you can’t get away from, so try as hard as you can to be who you want to.

Never fear vulnerability nor change. Embrace them. Take good risks and be fearless.

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