A Very Short Excerpt and the Revised Introduction

I’ve been told to keep my book excerpts shorter by a few readers, so I thought I’d publish just one paragraph. I also thought I should let everyone know that I revised the introduction (hopefully for the last time) and you can find it here: Cover, Index and Introduction. 

So here is a quick glimpse of part five:

“Some very destitute people feel they have nothing to lose because some of them really don’t, and the rich take advantage of this attitude and their desperation. The rich don’t like to get their hands dirty, so they often recruit the poor to vote against their own economic interests and destroy their own struggling class. A gang member in a poverty wrecked ghetto can be hired by some political or corporate thug to discredit or even kill someone fighting for economic equality (if the price is right). Unfortunately, the silenced masses can be and often are hired to silence themselves. The rich point fingers at other poor people and internal conflict results. People trying scrape by day to day can see other as the enemy, as opposed to the rich, which is why gang members in most ghettos across the world are shooting at each other, and not at the people who actually have the money or create vast wealth discrepancy. (Not that they should be, of course, but they seem to not see the real sources of their despair.) Either that or they’re shooting at corporate armies paid for by the rich and powerful who control the world, and the majority stand on the sidelines and see it all as black and white. This kind of conflict doesn’t have to exist and it shouldn’t. If equal, fair conditions were created for for all, violence, war and crime would nearly disappear.”

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