I finally finished my book, and I just updated every excerpt on the site with the final version. The list of excerpts is here if you want to take a look:  I was going to publish the book on a self-publishing site, but I don’t trust the ones I’ve looked at enough not to exploit or steal the content, so I am going to sell it and give it to individuals directly instead.


If you would like a copy, please e-mail me at I can send you an e-mail with the book attached or I can send you a physical hardcopy bound by MIT Copy Tech. The electronic version is $11 and the hardcopy is $18. If you would like a hard-copy, please also include your name and address in the e-mail, so I know where to send it. Payments can be made to


Thanks to all who have supported me and are still interested. I know this took a long time, but I think the book really benefited from it. Feedback, word-spreading and sharing the book to like-minded individuals are all greatly appreciated. If you would really like a copy but don’t feel like you can afford it, please e-mail me about a free copy. I hope most of all this book helps you and the lives of others you affect.


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