I decided to publish a new book excerpt every Sunday over the next six weeks on my site. I wanted to make more of the book free, and I thought some consistency to the posts might keep people coming to the site. Hopefully, this will encourage more people to buy the book as well.

30% (possibly more) of the profits from book sales will go to building my non-profit farm and other charities. As much money as possible will go to sustainable efforts to help the poor. I don’t really want money for myself, so long as I have enough to support myself. There is a good deal of important information in these posts. Please feel free to read, comment, like, share and the like.

The farm page has also been updated with pictures. If interested, you can check it out here: http://whatcontrolsus.com/donations-and-partners/. There’s also a buy button for the book on the excerpts page now, and a donate button on the farm page.

This is what I was thinking for the order of the posts:

Today, 07/29 – 3.3: The Corporate Takeover and the Attack on the Working Class in America

Sunday, 08/4 – 5.10: The Profits of Imprisonment and 5.11 Social Consequences of Prison and How We Can Change them

Sunday 08/11 – 4.5: Media Manipulation, Monsanto and Patenting life

Sunday 8/18 – 6.1: The Persian Gulf War, the War in Afghanistan and Iraq 

Sunday 8/25 – 6.12: The Privatization of War

Sunday 09/1 – 6.9: The Iran Contra Affair

Thanks for reading and for all support.

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