Warren Wilson Garden in the Spring

This is my last post on the Wilson garden. As I mentioned in the last post, I am not coming back in the fall because I don’t have the money, among other reasons. But I thought I’d share these before I go. To see the older posts on the garden, you can visit these links:

September 3rd 2013

October 22nd 2013

December 7th 2013

Here we are finishing up planting 6000 onions in the A field:


This is the heated greenhouse full of head lettuce on March 28th:


Below is the long hoop house on March 8th. On the far right, there is some arugula, salad mix, and purple mizuna. The spinach are only a few weeks old here. You can see I dug trenches in-between the spinach rows on the left. I did this to reduce runoff when watering and reduce the amount of water needed to feed the plants. This also improves the root structure, and it’s usually a smart thing to do when growing most crops. It essentially serves the same purpose as hilling up, but it takes less time.


This is the same spinach with trenches on April 11 about one month later. This was taken from the other end of the green house. The snow peas have made their way up the netting by now:


Long hoop house on April 20th after the spinach was cut back:


The picture below is the JP hoop house on February 28th. We had just planted carrots in the middle of the beds.


Here’s the JP hoop house on April 19th:


Below is the salad spinner with some monster washed and dried spinach. Whenever I wash food I always reuse the dirty water to feed the plants. It saves water and it can actually be better for your plants than regular water because it generally has more nutrients.


That’s all I’ve got. As a reminder, my full book is now free and available to read on my website here: http://whatcontrolsus.com/2014/03/29/what-controls-us-full-book/. Please feel free to read, like, share, comment, or donate.

Special thanks to Joia Hansen who recently paid for the book, even though it’s free.


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